Wireless charger is also named Inductive charger,cordless charger. Wireless charger is born for smartphones.It breaks the situlation that charging our mobilephone with cords.Different cords on the desk makes our life very complex and makes us feel upset.

How does wireless charger work?

Wireless charging works by transferring energy from the charger to a receiver in the back of the phone via electromagnetic induction. The charger uses an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field, which the receiver coil in the phone converts back into electricity to be fed into the battery.

They typically have to be in close proximity to each other and correctly aligned over the top of each other, although a set orientation is normally not necessary.

Rechargeable toothbrushes and other bathroom accessories have used inductive charging since the 1990s.

Are there any downsides?

The biggest downside is that wireless charging cannot be performed through metal with current technology. That means most wirelessly charging smartphones have either plastic or glass backs, the later of which makes them more fragile.


Then lots of people often ask the one question:

Can wireless charger charge all mobile phones?

It does not depend on wireless charger,but depend on your mobile phone.

If your mobile phone(for example:iPhone8/iPhoneX/Samsung GalaxyS8)can support wireless charging,then it can be charged by wireless charger directly.

If your mobile phone(like some old models)can not support wireless charging,then you need to add one receiver on your mobile phone.

Do I need to buy an Apple wireless charger for an iPhone 8 or a Samsung wireless charger for a Galaxy S8?

The short answer is no. As long as the charger matches the wireless charging standard supported by your smartphone you can use any wireless charger.

Is wireless charging going to be a big thing?

While the standards for wireless charging have been in flux for years, now that most devices either support multiple standards or at least Qi, wireless charging is likely to become a standard part of smartphones in the near future. Smartsphones developed by Apple(iPhone8,iPhone8S,iPhoneX) support wireless charging directly will lead to all the mobile phone big companys follow the trend.so wireless charger must become more and more popular.

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