How to judge which model hand sanitizer bracelet is better?


Nowadays,the Hand Sanitizer Bracelet is hot selling in dollar market,and promotional market.Because the price is very cheap,good iteam for selling at this period.We still need to fight with Covid-19,it will help us to win the battle.

But how to choose the right Hand Sanitizer bracelet?

Here MiBA will give you some practical approaches:

1.Oval shape




MAB001A is a little bigger capacity of MAB001B,capacity is around 18ML rather than MAB001B 15ML;

MAB001B is a little thicker than MAB001;

Will not leak liquid when wear it,because the hole’s special design;

MAB001A is the cheapest model among all models.


MAB001A is harder to inject the hand sanitizer than MAB001B;

MAB001A can only do logo on the bracelet,While MAB001B can do logo on both the top and the bracelet;

MAB001A has visable glue on face side,while MAB001B is more clean on top and back side.

MAB001A has a little smell while MAB001B don’t have.

MAB001A is solid color,while MAB001B is transparent color,end users can judge if it is full when inject it or use it.

2.Rectangular shape


MAB002 has silicone plug,more easy to inject the hand sanitizer,and will never leak liquid.


Price is higher than MAB001

3.Round shape


MAB004 has silicone plug,more easy to inject the hand sanitizer,and will never leak liquid;

Small Capacity:12ML,support child use it,more safe for child.


Price is higher than MAB001;

Capacity is 12ML,smaller than the other models.

Remark:MiBA support all the models above to our customers.Pls let us know which your inquiry details,we can help to customize the logo on the bracelet.And MiBA will propose you the most suitable model.

All Above models based on standard packing as below:

1X Hand Sanitizer Bracelt

1X Refill bottle

1X Polybag

More questions,pls contact MiBA