What's Bone Conduction Earphone?


The bone conduction earphone is an outdoor sports earphone developed by bone conduction technology.
Bone conduction technology is a way of sound transmission, which converts sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies. Through the human skull, the bones of the inner ear, the lymphatic fluid transmits the auger to the auditory nerve, and the visual center transmits the sound waves.
The bone conduction earphone directly transmits sound through the cheekbones of the face, while enjoying the music, it can also hear the external environment sound and avoid potential danger.

Principle of bone conduction

Most of the sound we hear is through the air to the tympanic membrane, and then the sound waves vibrate the tympanic membrane and transmit the sound to the inner ear. Another way is that sound waves are transmitted directly to the inner ear through the bone vibration without passing through the tympanic membrane. This is also a way for people to hear their own voice. This way of sound transmission is bone conduction.

What’s the difference of bone conduction earphone and normal in ears?

The Bone conduction technology design of our headphones solve the troubles and problems of in ears, as a result, the wearer can perceive surrounding voice better and wear comfortable, Release your ears, enjoy the listening pleasure in a healthy and safe way with bone Conduction earphone.
Bone conduction technology creates mini vibrations, sending sound through the cheekbones, directly to the inner ears - not like in ear headphones set your ears free to the surrounding ,keep you safe.

Bone conduction earphone advantage:

1.Because of different principles,it will not hurt your ears,which is different from ordinary headphones or earphones.
2.When you normally answer the phone or enjoy the music,it will not block your contact with the outside world.You can head the voice of the outside world,whether you are listening to music or walking in the street! Can horn,doorbell,talk with frends,can be normal.

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